"Diabolical Tales: Part I" "Diabolical Tales" Multimedia Outtakes featuring Mike Larose, S. Matthew Aod, Brian Bedell, Erika McCauley and "fans" Outtakes featuring Brian Van Kay, Ken Wester, S. Matthew Aod, Brian Bedell and Mike Larose Don Gerron reveals the first f/x shots from "Part I", but as a crime scene investigator Behind-the-scenes with S. Matthew Aod, Brian Bedell, Mike Larose, Erika McCauley and Brandon Kane Interview with Brian Van Kay, who plays Dr. Ernst Schafer Interview with S. Matthew Aod, who plays Zong Interview with Christian Wheeler, the original Agent Cooper A Short History of Diabolical Tales Interview with Brian Bedell, who plays FBI Agent Cooper Outtakes featuring Brian Bedell and Mike Larose Interview with Mike Larose, who plays Operative-132 Interview with Rachel Knutton, who plays Kate Cooper